Opencart Reservation System

 Opencart Reservation

OC Reservation is the best reservation system for Opencart.

It has multiple options to configure your product for reservations, Some examples :

single day, custumors can select a day and after confirming the order, the product is reserved for that customer. Easy to use for renting equipment
multple day, customers can select a begin and an end date, days will be calculated, after confirming the order the product is reserved for a complete period for that customer. Easy to use for vacation or room booking.
time-block, split your day in several time blocks, customer can reserve a timeblock for that day. easy to use forappointments
- [i]one day[/y], let a product only be available for a single day, or some days. Easy to use for ticket selling

You can buy it at Opencart shop at :

Look in our demoshop , we have added some reservation product to give you an example of how this extension works

Example 1: Rent a car

huur een auto


In this example, provided a product that can be reserved for 1 day When the amount of available products is exceeded, it will no longer be available for the next customer, on that date.